Opening Ceremony Success

Senior Counselor Lilliebeth Halling proudly carries the American flag during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Girls State session.

Day One of the 2018 session began with an uplifting opening ceremony to introduce the citizens to our mythical 51st state. Our Director Lori Swann opened the session by introducing the staff and special guests. We were joined by Dr. Stuart Dorsey, President of Texas Lutheran University, as well as the Mayor of Seguin, Mr. Don Kiel. The honorable John Hince, Commander of the American Legion, Department of Texas, also made an appearance and spoke to the citizens about preserving their honor and dignity for life.

To conclude our opening session, Donna Dillard, the 2018 ALA President and our loyal staff member, left the citizens with words of wisdom and spirit as they head into their week of government activities.