June 16th

Arrival Day: Registration and city orientation.

June 17th

City Day: Elections for city offices, citizens have a session in the House and Senate, and time to write bills.

June 18th

Party Day: Each party holds precinct, county, and state party meetings, citizens have more House and Senate sessions, and filling for county and state offices begins.

June 19th

Primary Day: Deadline for filling for office, primary speeches and primary elections are held.

June 20th

General Election Day: County and state nominee speeches, followed by whistle stop for the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General candidates, county and state general elections, and finally general election returns.

June 21st

Capitol Day: Citizens visit Austin, Texas, then back to Seguin for lottery, auction, and talent show.

June 22nd

Departure Day: Starts with our Final Assembly. Parents are welcome; it starts at 8:30 am.