Instructions for Unit GS Chairman 

Preliminary Planning

Secure all information sent to your Unit President from Department relative to the Girls State program.  Read all material thoroughly and keep yourself and your Unit informed.

As Unit Girls State Chairman, you should make a motion at the next meeting to sponsor a girl(s) from a specific school(s).  This action will allow you the time needed to make initial contact with the school(s).

Contact your division Girls State committee member if you have a question.

Registration by School/Units


The goal of the Girls State program is to give each Unit and/or high school the opportunity to sponsor a girl.

-Each high school may have one registration per Unit where Units exceed the number of schools, public or parochial, in any one city.

-Each high school may have one registration where number of schools, public or parochial, equals or exceeds number of Units in any city or district.  (NO DUPLICATION OF SCHOOLS)

-A Unit may have one registration from a school in a consolidated district or where one Independent school district serves one or more communities.

-If a school district has no Unit, the school may have a registration from only one neighboring Unit.

-A Unit located in one city may not sponsor a girl from another city where a Unit is located.  (i.e., an Austin Unit cannot sponsor a girl from San Antonio)

-A school may be sponsored by a unit in an adjacent district if no unit exists within close  proximity.

-A Unit may sponsor a girl from a home school if she meets the qualifications outlined for Girls State citizenship.

Registration Periods

First Registration Period:  February 1-February 28. (Postmarked no earlier than February 1.) Units may register all citizens (up to 6) from any one high school.

Second Registration Period:  March 1-May 15. (Postmarked no earlier than March 1.) If quota of 600 is not filled by March 1, Girls State registration continues for all Units and begins for high schools on a first come first served basis. Any Texas public, private, or parochial high school may register girls through Department Headquarters during the second registration period.  (No school may have more than six citizens.) High schools are to follow the same rules and regulations as outlined for the local Units. Postmark will determine priority for acceptance. (Please send a separate check for each registration in the event not all of your registrations can be filled.  Place in order of preference.  Registrations received after the 600 maximum will be placed on the waiting list, and the Units will be notified.)

Deadline for Girls State Registration: May 15.  The fee will not be refunded unless a full quota of 600 is in attendance on opening day. If a girl cannot attend and the quota is filled, 2/3 of the fee will be refunded.

Selection of Citizens

-Upon selection of school(s), contact the principal, explain the procedures, and request that a girl(s) be selected.  Under no circumstance select a girl and request that the school approve the selection;  this procedure is entirely contrary to the principles of the program.  Suggested methods of selection are nominations by the faculty or staff of the school attended by the candidate and approved by the sponsoring Auxiliary Unit and a school administrator.

-Eligibility is limited to any girl in the junior or third year of a Texas senior high school.  All senior high schools are eligible whether public, private, parochial, or home school.

-Basic qualifications are leadership, citizenship, scholarship, and character.

-Any girl whose religion does not permit her to Pledge Allegiance to the flag of our country is NOT eligible to attend; all girls must be citizens of the United States.  If religious beliefs of any girl prohibit full participation for every day of the session, the girl is NOT acceptable.

-Girls may not participate in more than one session of Girls State as citizens.

-Application for American Legion Auxiliary Bluebonnet Girls State is not confined to daughters or relatives of members of the American Legion Auxiliary or a veteran.

Under no circumstances shall a girl be allowed to sponsor herself (pay the registration fee).

-The Girls State Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for citizenship in Girls State.

Acceptance of Citizens     P L E A S E   N O T E   C A R E F U L L Y !

For a citizen to be eligible for acceptance, the following will prevail:

  1. Registration form and registration fee of $425 to be in Department Headquarters before application card is sent to Unit Girls State Chairman. DO NOT NOTIFY the girl until the application card is sent to you by Girls State Registrar acknowledging the acceptance of the registration fee.
  2. Upon girl’s selection, return the application card to Girls State Registrar properly and completely filled out on both sides and signed by Unit Girls State Chairman (or Unit President) and Principal or Superintendent of the school.  Send to address shown on card.
  3. Upon receipt by Girls State Registrar of completed application card, the Girls State citizen and/or parents will receive the following for completion:

-Medical History to be received by Girls State Registrar by May 1.* (The medical history is to be filled out and signed by parent(s)). This history does not require a doctor’s visit.

-Waiver of Claim to be received by Girls State Registrar by May 1.*

-Travel Form to be received by Girls State Registrar by May1.* Arrival is to be after 12:00 noon and prior to 3:00 P.M. on arrival date. Departure to be between 10:00 a.m. and noon on departure date.

-Doctor’s Certificate of physical fitness, signed by doctor no earlier than June 10, to be presented by citizen upon arrival at Girls State.  The doctor’s certificate is to verify that the citizen is in good physical condition and has no contagious or infectious disease.  Any girl who does not present the certificate properly dated will be taken to the doctor in Seguin for a checkup, and her guardians will be billed.

If the above requirements are not met, the alternate is to be sent or the reservation will be canceled. An application from another Unit previously refused will then be accepted with the stipulation that arrival and departure dates must be complied with. The Unit Girls State Chairman is responsible for notifying the alternate to be on standby, ready to go, in the event the delegate cannot go. The Unit Chairman is also to notify Girls State Registrar of any changes IMMEDIATELY. If the above qualifications are not met, the reservation will be canceled without refund of fee.

If the quota of 600 is met on Girls State Arrival Day, then two-thirds (2/3) of the fee will be refunded under the following conditions:

-The Unit meets all requirements for registration as set out in these instructions.

-The original representative cannot attend the session.

-The alternate cannot attend the session.

-The Unit cannot fill the vacancy from its own school or a nearby school/Unit.

-The chairman notifies the Girls State Registrar IMMEDIATELY concerning the situation.

-A replacement can be found from the waiting list.

No REFUNDS will be granted if the 600 quota is not met on arrival day.
Unit Responsibilities to the Citizens

-Contact the girl by phone or in person to notify her of the Unit’s pleasure on her selection.  Provide her the name, address, and phone number of at least one other Unit member besides yourself in the event she needs to contact someone.  Review the information with her and her parents.  Inform them about the Auxiliary and its programs of which Girls State is one.

-If possible, have a citizen from the previous year talk with the new citizen.  When several girls from an area will be Girls State citizens, arrange meetings with them and former citizens.

-Maintain some form of contact with the girl until she leaves.

-Transportation to and from Seguin will be provided by the local unit, high school, or parents. The Unit Chairman will advise each girl about available transportation options in her area (i.e. car, charter bus, plane). Because of airport security, liability insurance, and lack of available staff, Girls State will no longer provide transportation to or from the San Antonio Airport for Girls State citizens. The Units, schools, or parents will need to make their own private arrangements for transporting citizens to and from Seguin when using the San Antonio Airport. Each girl arriving by public conveyance will be met at the Seguin Bus Terminal.

-If the girl is using public transportation, take her and her parents to the point of departure.  If possible have the Unit President present. Take pictures for the local paper.

-Meet the girl upon her return home. Have her report to the Unit as soon as possible.  Do not forget her once the report is made; maintain contact in future years.

-If a civic organization has sponsored a girl through your Unit, be certain that you and/or your Unit President accompany her when she makes her report.


Ann Doan, Division I, Chairman
7528 Bunker Ct., Benbrook 76126; 817-249-6125

Karen Rodriguez, Division II
403 Regency Court, Friendswood 77546; 281-546-9202

Phyllis Janke, Division III
11508 Zamanek, Needville 77461; 979-793-5244

Martha Collis, Division IV
2114 S. Taylor, Amarillo 79109; 806-282-4309

Girls State Registrar

Lori Swann, Director
Connie Bridges, Co-Director
Associate Directors: Ann Doan, Katie Foehrkolb Stewart and Karen Miller-Rodriguez

*If the citizen is a late registrant and receives the cards and waiver only days before or after the May 1 deadline, she MUST return the Medical History, Waiver, and Travel Card within 10 days or by June 1, whichever comes first.