Katie Foehrkolb Stewart, Education Coordinator: Katie came to Girls State in 2007 and has returned as a Junior Counselor, Senior Counselor, County Coordinator and Education Coordinator.  In the “real world,” Katie attended The University of Texas and is an 11th grade US History teacher in Austin. Her favorite Girls State memory is singing to brand new citizens on Arrival Day!

Shelby Langford attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies and graduated in 2014. Shelby was a citizen in 2010 and says she loves the program because of its dedication to training young, strong women to be great leaders, and the singing is great too. Shelby has been a JC, SC, and County Coordinator in previous sessions. Since graduation, Shelby has moved to Nashville and is currently working as a singer-songwriter.

Anne Crisp grew up in Universal City and studies government at the University of Texas Austin. She loves being the Girls State program and getting the see how each citizens grows through their week at Girls State.

Margueret Betbeze is a student at Brigham Young University where she studies business with an emphasis in marketing. Currently, she works for the Wheatley Institution as a graphic designer. Her favorite Girls State memory from her citizen year was being the funniest witness in her city’s mock trial.

Ileyah Tovias attends Baylor University where she is an English major. Her favorite memory from Girls State is winning City Treasurer and being Song Leader. Ileyah comes back to Girls State because it’s the only place where you can simultaneously learn and form lifelong friendships.

Anna Zimmerman attends Texas Tech University and is majoring in Political Science with a minor in International Studies. Her citizen year, Anna was elected to the position of City Attorney. Anna’s favorite part of Girls State is all of the amazing friendships that are created. 

Emily Schmidt was a citizen in 2008 from La Grange and was elected County Commissioner of Tejas County. She began working on staff as a JC in 2009 and has been on talent staff since. Emily graduated from Texas Lutheran University with a degree in Finance. Emily loves to come back each year on staff because of the friendships she has made and to give citizens the best experience she could possibly give them, just as her experience as a citizen was amazing. In the real world, Emily lives in Austin with her husband and two dogs, and works for the Legislative Budget Board.

Cindy Saultz recently graduated from West Texas A&M with a Masters in Professional Accounting. Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Cindy first came to Girls State in 2012. As a citizen she was the Tourism Commissioner of City B and her favorite memory of Girls State is singing God Bless the USA in the capitol.

Anna Trevino was a citizen in 2013. She is a student at The University of Texas at Austin where she majors in Government and French. In her free time she enjoys reading, napping, and singing Girls State songs.