City A: Aspen Real comes to Girls State from Carrollton, Texas. She was a citizen in 2011. She recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Finance. Aspen is excited for the opportunity to participate in the leadership development of young Texas women, in hopes of creating a positive impact for tomorrow’s leaders.

City B: Kallie Kram was a citizen in 2011 and attends Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Kallie has served as a party sponsor, county coordinator, JC and SC in previous sessions. She has a genuine passion for the Girls State program and truly loves seeing how citizens develop as strong women in leadership throughout the session.

City C: Lilliebeth Halling graduated from Texas A&M University in 2014. She just recently graduated from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio with her Masters Degree in Deaf Education and Hearing Sciences. She will be a language teacher at The Center for Hearing and Speech in Houston, Texas. When she was a Citizen she ran for Municipal Judge and was elected. Her favorite Girls State memory is pranking her fellow staff members and carrying the American flag.

City D: Jacei Barrera was a citizen in 2013. She attends Texas Tech University and majors in English and minors in Education and Spanish. Her goal is to become a High School English teacher and Track/Basketball coach. Jacei was elected the City Attorney her citizen year. Her favorite Girls State memory is seeing the citizens getting sworn in at the Capitol.

City E: Grace Baen was a citizen in 2009 and ran for governor. She has returned to Girl State to serve as a JC and SC. She graduated from Texas State University San Marcos in May 2014 with a degree in Dance: Performance and Choreography. She lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career in dance. She currently teaches the Lagree method in Marina Del Rey.

City F:  Kristen Mills graduated from Texas Tech University in 2016. Kristen attended Girls State as citizen in 2011. She loves Girls State because of the unique experience girls have and the opportunity for them to gain leadership, friendship, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Kristen has served as a junior counselor, Party Sponsor, and Senior Counselor in past sessions.

City G: Kate Ehmke’s favorite part of her citizen session in 2008 was bonding with her city during city activities. Kate was the Federal Party nominee for Governor during her citizen year. Kate has served as JC, Party Sponsor, and SC. She graduated from Kansas State with a degree in Secondary English Education and in the real world, she is a middle school Language Arts teacher.

City H: Anabeth Fuller is a native of Waco, Texas and was a citizen in 2010. She is 2015 graduate of Baylor University where she studied marketing and management with a minor in corporate communication. Anabeth currently works in Dallas, Texas as a graphic designer and is loving life. Her favorite part of Girls State occurs during closing ceremony after a long, memorable week when staff and citizens get together as a state and sing the Big Three. The majority of staff cry realizing how true the words are that they are singing. She believes that citizens as well as staff have come away from the session with lifelong friends and great life lessons.

City I: Kirsten Wolfford is a Government Liberal Arts Honors student at The University of Texas at Austin. She is entering her senior year and will be graduating May 2018. She currently works for Texas State Representative Dade Phelan where she has interned since 2015. Kirsten attended Girls State as a citizen in 2014. She loves Girls State because of the amazing women she is able to interact with and learn from. She is a firm believer in political efficacy, friendship, education and loyalty- ideas which Girls State promotes. She has served as a Junior Counselor and a Legislative Assistant in the past.

City J: Danielle Bartz is the Director of Boards and Commissions for Mayor Sylvester Turner. Before joining his administration in early 2016, she worked as a legislative aide to Representative Turner in the 84th Texas legislative session and then on his campaign team. She holds a Master’s of Public Affairs Degree from the LBJ School as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and Spanish -also from the University of Texas. She lived a year in the Dominican Republic as an Ambassadorial Scholar of Goodwill for the Rotary Foundation, and she worked a few years in private sector project management before returning to the university as the Graduate Assistant Rowing Coach pursuing her master’s. She was part of the 2015 National Coaching Staff of the Year, and she started at Girls State in 2003.

City K: Alli Williams attended Girls State in 2010. She graduated in 2015 from Auburn University with a Chemical Engineering degree and currently resides in Houston, where she works for ExxonMobil. Alli enjoys watching citizens grow through their experience at Girls State and has served as a Junior Counselor, County Coordinator, Legislative Assistant, Senior Counselor, and President of the Senate.

City L: Sarah Scalia came to Girls State from Spring in 2010 and ran for Attorney General. Though she lost in the general election, Sarah was appointed Secretary of State by the Governor. Sarah says one of her proudest moments was memorizing every city in “I’ve Been Everywhere.” She is a 2015 Harvard graduate and will attend Harvard’s Business School this fall. In the meantime she is working at a consulting firm in Boston.

City M: Dabney Sattler was a citizen in 2001 where she ran and won the elected position of County Sheriff. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2006 with a degree in International Studies. Today she travels and works as a United Airlines flight attendant. Her favorite thing about Girls State is reliving moments from past sessions with the staff.

City N: Hillary Everts graduated in 2014 from Trinity University where she studied Theatre and Communication, and Arts Management. When she was a citizen in 2009, her favorite activity was hanging out at The Spot for assemblies. She has been both a JC and a SC and can’t wait to see where she’ll end up next. When Hillary is not at Girls State she is an admissions counselor for Trinity University. Hillary is a member of ALA Virtual Unit.