GS Media Team 2019 (l to r): Scott, Pop, Plocheck.

Jessica Scott is a lawyer in Austin. She has previously served as a JC, SC, Presiding Officer and Judicial Coordinator. Her mother and sister were also citizens of Bluebonnet Girls State. Jessica’s favorite part of GS is getting to eat the delicious Turkey sandwiches provided to the staff for lunch just before all the citizens arrive on Arrival Day.

Cristina Pop was a citizen of Girls State in 2015 and attends UT-Austin where she studies Radio-Television-Film and Journalism. Cristina thinks there is nothing like meeting a group of girls who are just like you, but also unique in their own special ways. Her favorite part of Girls State are the decorated flamingos that mysteriously appear on campus each session.

Hillary Plocheck lives in California. She has previously been a JC and a Party Sponsor. She graduated from UT-Austin with a degree in Corporate Communications and Political Communications. Hillary’s favorite part of GS is getting to hang out and learn from all of the inspirational women of Girls State.