Ain’t No Party Like a Girls State Party: Party Officials Elected

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2014_feds_revisedBecause the Girls State program is entirely non-partisan, citizens operate with mock political parties. They elect precinct, county and state party officials and write their own party platform. The National and Federal parties convened June 17, 2014 to pick their state party officials.

State Federal Party officials are Chair Taylor Perry, Vice-Chair Rebecca Griffith, House Whip Lauren Gilman and Senate Whip Audrey Jones.

State National Party Officials are Chair Mary Floriani, Vice-Chair Sarah Tobin, House Whip Hannah Boring and Senate Whip Claire Weber.2014_nats_revised

For a complete list of party officials, including county and precinct chairwomen, please download the 2014 edition of The Bluebonnet, the official newsletter of the Bluebonnet Girls State program.