TBGS Celebrates Flag Day

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Join the American Legion Family in flying the U.S. flag today for Flag Day.

ALA units and Legion posts across the country are conducting proper flag-collection and retirement ceremonies, hosting flag education sessions, and encouraging all Americans to proudly fly their U.S. flag today and throughout the year.

Encouragement from Past Citizens

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The 2020 Texas Bluebonnet Girls State is quickly approaching and we are so excited for so many great women across the state of Texas to join us for this virtual session. A handful of women who have been in your shoes want to share a few encouraging words about how this program has impacted them:

“Girls State women are the best that Texas has to offer. Learn from those around you!” – Maisey Martinez

“Go in with an open mind and ready to make friends! Get involved, you only TBGS once.” – Addison Christine

“No matter where I go, there is a Girls State citizen there. We won’t let you forget you belong.” – Erin Swearingen

“Don’t forget to rely on your fellow citizens – you’re all in this together!” – Sofia Udawala

“Your life will change. Girls State shows what loving and supportive women look like, and it doesn’t stop.” – Emma Rhyne

“Take advantage of your time and ROCK it! You’re only a TBGS citizen once!” – Sydney Chastine

“Don’t be afraid to take risks! Everyone is here to learn just like you.” – Rylie Rae

“Go in with an open mind and don’t be scared to get involved. GS friends are forever friends!” – Caitlyn Acosta

“Go all in to build the best Girls State memories.” – Chloe Thomas

“Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Everyone is so nice, I met my best friend at Girls State!” – Emily Hall

“Try everything!” – Madi Pitts

“Personal growth throughout this experience is one of the best things! You got this, ladies!” – Clasey Core

“Girls State will be home if you let it.” – Emma Watson

“You get out of it what you put in. Your attitude at Girls State will impact your experience.” – Hillary Everts

“Not being knowledgeable about a topic does not mean you’re not capable!” – Katie Sherbert

“This experience will teach you a lot about yourself, so make sure to pay attention and enjoy it!” – Gracie Hornung

“Be bold, and go for it! Vote, legislate, campaign… this is your state. Leave your mark.” – Wendy Hughes Garcia

“Try new things! Listen to your fellow citizens and TBGS family. You will learn so much!” – Kirsten Wolfford

“If you feel unsure, remind yourself that these brilliant women are your team for life” – Danielle Bartz

“Don’t be afraid to speak up about your passions and also listen to new ideas.” – Sarah Prichard

“Do things that scare you! You’ll always be surrounded by people who support you.” – Jenny Dinh

“Lean into the discomfort: it’ll be worth it!” – Marisela Castro

“Make sure to get to know your fellow citizens. They’ll be some of your closest friends.” – Katelyn Lancaster

“Be you! Step out of your comfort zone, be the best citizen you can be.” – AP Velasco

“No question is a dumb question, and this experience will change your life if you let it.” – Tara Wunderlich

“No role too big or too small at Girls State: Everyone makes an impact! Make it what you want it to be.” – Danielle Throneberry

“Give it all you’ve got, being a Girls State citizen is once in a lifetime!” – Bridget Luna Trawhon

“At Girls State, you don’t have to be the same person you are at home. Try something new!” – Jenny Denny

“It’s okay to make a fool of yourself! Your city will always cheer you on.” – Christina Powell

“Soak in ALL the magic of Girls State.” – Avery Allen

“Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new. Everyone here will encourage and uplift” – Jacei Lee

TBGS Playlist

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Did you hear? We’ve made an official TBGS Playlist!

Starting with classic songs from the program that we know and love, and finishing off with some of our favorite girl power songs. Even though the miles come between us and we’re experiencing the session virtually this year, we know these songs will bring back happy memories! Starting with classic songs from TBGS we know and love and finishing off with some of our favorite girl power songs, we hope this playlist is your new go-to pump-up mix to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the day!

We hope this becomes your go-to pump-up playlist to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the day!

You can start listening now by clicking this Spotify link.