Party Officials Elected

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2012 Federal Party State Officials
2012 National Party State Officials

Because the Girls State program is entirely non-partisan, citizens operate with mock political parties. They elect precinct, county and state party officials and write their own party platform. The National and Federal parties convened June 12, 2012 to pick their state party officials. State Federal Party officials are Chair Whitney Carpenter, Vice-Chair Shelby Embrey, House Whip Nichole Festa, Senate Whip Ellen Amoakoah. State


National Party Officials are Chair Becky Becktold, Vice-Chair Parrie Hartley, House Whip Joi Stevens, Senate Whip Dhruti Gupaluni. For a complete list of party officials, including county and precinct chairwomen, please download the 2012 edition of The Bluebonnet, the official newsletter of the Bluebonnet Girls State program.

Capitol Day

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We traveled to Austin today to visit the Capitol.  Citizens debated bills on the floor of the House of Representatives and Senate.  House bills included such topics as  concealed weapons, the nutrition of school lunches, and censorship in public school libraries, while Senators debated bills relating to teacher salaries, graduation requirements, and animal safety, among others.  Michael Keasler, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, swore in the state officials in a special ceremony.  We ate lunch on the Capitol grounds before returning to TLU.

Tonight we will announce our silent auction and lottery winners, and many citizens will participate in a talent show.  Our last night is bittersweet because we are anxious to get home to our friends and families, but we hate to leave our new friends from all over Texas.

Primary Elections

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Yesterday was PARTY DAY, and Girls State was a sea of red and blue as citizens sported their party’s color. Last night all the citizens and staff stood inside an outline of the shape of Texas, and our photographers, Robert Anschutz and Terry Duff, took a picture!  Citizens can purchase this “Big Texas” picture for only $16. Now that the parties have established their platforms, the Nationalists and Federalists will choose their candidates for county and state offices. Citizens will hear lots of candidates’ speeches today, and the state primary results will be announced tonight, following some displays of citizen talent. Tomorrow is the general election, so the Nat and Fed candidates will vie for each county and state office.

2011 Opening Assembly

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The 2011 session of Bluebonnet Girls State is officially underway!  We started off the morning with our opening assembly.  Our director Connie Bridges welcomed citizens and introduced the staff.  Betty Mathies, Mayor of Seguin, welcomed us to the city, and Commander Ken Mueller brought greetings from the American Legion, Department of Texas.  This marks our 42nd session at Texas Lutheran University, and TLU Interim President Robert Vogel encouraged citizens to be better than they think they can be.  Diana King, President of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Texas, listed several ALA service projects in which the girls can participate.  The ceremony culminated with a speech from 2010 Girls State Governor Lauren Gainer, who offered citizens words of advice from her experience at Girls State and challenged citizens to see opportunities in their future endeavors.  She also shared inspirational quotations from Randy Pausch, author of “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, and one quotation in particular from theologian Frederick Buechner: “Your calling is where your passions meet the world’s needs.”  Today we also establish the structures of our cities by drafting our city charters and electing our city officials.