2017 Girls Nation Delegates and Outstanding Citizens Announced

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On Saturday, June 17th, Director Lori Swann announced that Isabella Randle and Nafisa Ahmed were selected to attend Girls Nation later this summer. Randle lives in Spring and was sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary Unit 127 Tomball. Ahmed lives in Cypress and was also sponsored by ALA Unit 127 Tomball. Ahmed served as Floor Leader for the Federal Party and also performed in the Girls State Talent Show. Randle was named Outstanding Citizen of City D.

First alternate is Ingrid Piña of Kingwood and second alternate is Erin Swearingen of Buda. Citizens of Bluebonnet Girls State elected Piña as the Attorney General. Swearingen performed in the talent show and was named Outstanding Citizen of City K. Congratulations to these four exceptional citizens.

Each city at Girls State selected an Outstanding Citizen, who were all recognized by Girls State Director Lori Swann on Saturday, June 17th. Outstanding Citizens are:
City A: Mia Hernandez; City B: Emily Gill; City C: Sierra Knight; City D: Isabella Randle; City E: Stassa Ousaklidis; City F: Ingrid Piña; City G: Alexis Walker; City H: Chloe Walser; City I: Emma Cagle; City J: Emily Alexander; City K: Erin Swearingen; City L: Deborah Tate; City M: Madeline Nichols-Russell; City N: Mikayla Slaydon

Parties’ Pinnacle Players Picked

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The National and Federal parties convened on Flag Day, June 14, 2016, to pick their state party officials. Because the Girls State program is entirely non-partisan, mock political parties are used to show how a two-party system works. Girls State citizens elected precinct, county and state party officials and wrote their own party platform.

Federal Party officials (l. to r.): Smidovec, Wood, Stahl and Hefner
Federal Party officials (l. to r.): Smidovec, Woods, Stahl and Hefner

State Federal Party officials are Chair Ashton Woods, Vice-Chair Amy Stahl, House Whip Haley Hefner and Senate Whip Kendall Smidovec.

State National Party Officials are Chair Danielle Maldonado, Vice-Chair Kelsey Kistner, House Whip Kelsey Ehrig and Senate Whip Ellie Hager.

National Party officials (l. to r.): Ehrig, Maldonado, Kistner and Hager
National Party officials (l. to r.): Ehrig, Maldonado, Kistner and Hager

For a complete list of party, county, and precinct chairwomen, please download The Bluebonnet, the official newsletter of the Bluebonnet Girls State program.

Cities Get Going

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Citizens followed up the great lecture by Associate Director Stephanie McDonald on local government by organizing and adopting their city charters. Each city’s charter establishes their corporate limits and powers of annexation, sets their management structure and official offices, and grants their citizens the powers of initiative, recall and referendum. Cities then hit the ground running by electing their new city officials. The following days will see those officials function here at Girls State.

This year’s cities are City A All Stars, City B Ballers, City C Campers, City D Daisies, City E Emojis, City F Fortunetellers, City G Genies, City H Holidays, City I Instagrammers, City J Jellyfish, City K Kiwis, City L Llamas, City M Magicians and City N Nerds.