Download The Bluebonnet

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The 16th edition of The Bluebonnet is now available for download! Read about our elected officials, talent show participants, and more in our annual newsletter. Suitable for printing out and putting in scrapbooks. Spread the word–tell all your fellow citizens to download the ultimate Bluebonnet Girls State memento.

The Bluebonnet

2012 Girls Nation, Outstanding Citizens Announced

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Two girls are selected from each Girls State program to attend Girls Nation, a national government training program. Dhruti Gopaluni of Houston (ALA Unit 560) and Neethi Nayak of RoundRock (ALA Unit 447) will represent Texas at Girls Nation in July. First alternate is Ali Flowers of Crosby (ALA Unit 658), and second alternate is Abigail Dickson of San Leon (ALA Unit 291). Girls Nation “senators” meet for a week in Washington, D.C., where they run for office, enact legislation and meet with Representatives and Senators.


Twelve citizens were chosen “Outstanding Citizens of 2012” by their peers. They are J.P. Montgomery (City A), Abigail Dickson (City B), Brittany Brenan (City C), Sabrina Galloway (City D), Ali Flowers (City E), Meeta Kanwar (City F), Whitney Carpenter (City G), Angelene Superable (City H), Stephanie Ding (City I), Anna Liu (City J), Mary Taylor Tillman (City K), Hannah Cleveland (City L).


Party Officials Elected

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2012 Federal Party State Officials
2012 National Party State Officials

Because the Girls State program is entirely non-partisan, citizens operate with mock political parties. They elect precinct, county and state party officials and write their own party platform. The National and Federal parties convened June 12, 2012 to pick their state party officials. State Federal Party officials are Chair Whitney Carpenter, Vice-Chair Shelby Embrey, House Whip Nichole Festa, Senate Whip Ellen Amoakoah. State


National Party Officials are Chair Becky Becktold, Vice-Chair Parrie Hartley, House Whip Joi Stevens, Senate Whip Dhruti Gupaluni. For a complete list of party officials, including county and precinct chairwomen, please download the 2012 edition of The Bluebonnet, the official newsletter of the Bluebonnet Girls State program.

Floor Leaders Selected

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Potential floor leaders are interviewed by the presiding officers and aides of the house and senate. These floor leaders are then available during house and senate sessions to help their fellow citizens.



Congratulations to [from left to right]:
Marie Van Buskirk (National Party leader in the Senate), Sydney Reese (Federal Party leader in the Senate), Aubrey Bleier (Federal Party leader in the House), and Alexa Guerrero (National Party leader in the House).



Staff preparing for citizens

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Girls State staff is working hard, preparing for citizens to arrive today. Counselors have been creatively designing cities as party staff thinks up ways to pump up Nationalist and Federalist spirit. Our legislative staff has been reviewing procedure so our legislative chambers run smoothly while education staff has been preparing to answer any questions.

Looks like 2012 is going to be a great session!