Outstanding Citizens Selected

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(L. to R.) Randall, James, Bouis, Dixon, Lancaster, Sankaran, Greenfield, Willis, Spradley, Supak, Moore, Klemm, Price, and Ogbanufe

Fourteen citizens were chosen as “Outstanding Citizens of 2019” by their fellow Girls State citizens. They are Natane Randall (City A), Ashly James (City B), Kate Bouis (City C), Michaela Dixon (City D), Katelyn Lancaster (City E), Harsha Sankaran (City F), Lauren Greenfield (City G), Erika Willis (City H), Shayden Spradley (City I), Mikaylee Supak (City J), Lauren Moore (City K), Annabel Klemm (City L). Katelyn Price (City M) and Uzo Ogbanufe (City N).

2019 Girls Nation Delegates Announced

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(L. to R.) Ganeshram, James and Swann

On Saturday, June 22nd, Director Lori Swann announced that Ashly James and Sonya Ganeshram were selected to attend Girls Nation later this summer. James lives in Longview and was sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary Unit 131. Ganeshram lives in Wichita Falls and was sponsored by ALA Unit 169.

First alternate is Mia Alejo of McAllen, ALA Unit 37 and second alternate is Aryana Azizi of The Colony, ALA Unit 21. 

Congratulations to these four exceptional citizens!

(L. to R.) Swann, Azizi and Alejo

City H Wins Bluebonnet Cup!

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The Bluebonnet Cup is awarded each year to the city who had the most girls speak in House and Senate sessions. This includes the girls submitting their bills, writing affirmative or negative debate, and moving previous question.
Congratulations to City H for taking on the challenge this year to take home the Cup, and to their encouraging counselors-Senior Counselor Aspen Real and Junior Counselors Yaiika Fernandez and Evelyn McGowan!

Federal Party Sweeps Top State Spots

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On Thursday, June 20th, Federal Party candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General all notched victories after the statewide vote. Nioni Ledezma was elected 2019 Bluebonnet Girls State Governor. Juliana Johnson will serve as Lieutenant Governor while Michaela Dixon is the new Attorney General. Other winners were Ashly James (N), Comptroller of Public Accounts; Katie Duncan (N), Commissioner of General Land; Sara “Breezy” (N), Agricultural Commissioner; Nikhita Ragam (F), Railroad Commissioner; Lexie Barthelemess (N), Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals; Gurman Kalkat (F), Chief Justice, Supreme Court.

Winners will be inaugurated Friday, June 21st, in a ceremony at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

2019 State Party Officials Elected

The Girls State program is entirely non-partisan, and the citizens operate with mock political parties. They elect precinct, county and state party officials and write their own party platform. 

On Tuesday June 18, the National and Federal parties held their annual conventions and elected their state party officials. Congratulations to these women!

For the Federal Party, Uzo Ogbanufe (City N) was elected as State Chair and Whitley Hoyland (City N) was elected State Vice Chair. The House Whip is Nikhita Sathish (City K) and the Senate Whip is Kirsten Padilla (City I).

From Left: Hoyland, Ogbanufe, Sathish, and Padilla.

In the National Party, Sadie Thibodeaux, (City B) was elected as State Chair and Celina Solis (City D) was elected State Vice Chair. The House Whip is Elise Nguyen (City I) and the Senate Whip is Ashlee Reed (City M).

From Left: Solis, Thibodeaux, Nguyen, and Reed.

Throughout the week, these ladies will inform citizens about their party’s platform, run the state general election and support bills in House and Senate which line up with party planks.