Katie Foehrkolb Stewart, Education Coordinator: Katie  came to Girls State in 2007 and has returned as a Junior Counselor, Senior Counselor, County Coordinator and Education Coordinator.  In the “real world,” Katie attended The University of Texas and is a middle and high school Social Studies teacher in Austin.  Her favorite Girls State memory is singing to brand new citizens on Arrival Day!

Kennedy Saxon, County Coordinator: A citizen of 2013, Kennedy attends Texas A&M majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Science. Her favorite memory from her Girls State is making new friends, and the excitement of the first Party Rally.

Danielle Throneberry, County Coordinator: A 2013 citizen, Danielle attends the University of Texas at San Antonio majoring in Chemistry. Her favorite memory from her Girls State citizen year was getting to know her JC’s and SC as well as developing into her own person amongst other ambitious young women.

Keller Thomas, County Coordinator: A 2013 citizen, Keller will attend Baylor University and major in mechanical engineering.  Her favorite memory from her Girls State citizen year was when she lost the election for Governor and her city made a winners’ tunnel for her in their City Hall.

Paige Cheatham, County Coordinator: A 2013 citizen, Paige will attend Wellesley College majoring in Engineering. Her favorite memory from Girls State was winning the city pageant and creating wonderful bonds.

Allison Thornton, County Coordinator: Allison was a Girls State citizen in 2013. Her citizen year she won the election for City H Health Officer and is currently a JC for City A. Her favorite Girls State memory is bonding with her roommate, Abigail. Currently, she is a student at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Business and French.

Jordan Janke, County Coordinator: A 2013 citizen, Jordan attends Texas A&M majoring in Animal Science. Her favorite memory from her Girls State citizen year were singing the Girls State songs and running for State Agriculture Commissioner.

ED staff 2016
Top left: Jordan Janke, Katie Fierkolb-Stewart, Dani Throniberry, Paige Cheatham Bottom left: Keller Thomas, Allison Thornton, Kennedy Saxon