The purpose of American Legion Auxiliary Bluebonnet Girls State is to educate our young women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship. Its purpose is to awaken within the youth of our nation a sincere conviction that a well-informed, intelligent, participating citizenry is most vitally needed to protect and preserve our American institutions and our American democracy. It is a mythical 51st State where, for a period, the citizens of Girls State organize their own city, county, and state governments. They choose their own officials in accordance with regular election procedures. They learn the duties of the various city, county and state offices. They introduce and debate their own bills in a legislature. Justice is administered by their own law enforcement agencies and courts. In Girls State, the young citizens “learn by doing.”
The Program
Every hour of the day is carefully planned so that each girl will have a definite and integral part in the function of Girls State and the opportunity of learning for herself that her government is what she makes it. A visit to the State Capitol will be included in the program which offers the girls an opportunity to assemble in the halls of our legislative bodies and meet state officials.
The entire program is non-partisan and free from propaganda. The political parties are purely mythical for the sole purpose of enabling the girls to set up their own city, county, and state governments, using the existing constitution and laws as guides. The citizens are divided into two political parties, the “National” and “Federal.”
The administrative staff and counselors in charge of the program are well trained and experienced leaders of girls. They are women of high ideals who are recognized as being responsible persons in their respective communities.
The girls are properly chaperoned. Counselors are in constant attendance. No girl is allowed to leave the grounds except on scheduled trips of the entire group.
Girls State will be held at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas.  The girls will be housed in TLU’s student dormitories.
Candidates for admission will be accepted if they meet the following qualifications.
  1. School Classification:  Eligibility is limited to any girl in the junior or third year of senior high school, regardless of whether that year ends June or February.  All Texas senior high schools are eligible whether, public,   private, parochial, or home school.
  2. Girls may not participate in more than one session of Girls State as citizens.
  3. Application for American Legion Auxiliary Bluebonnet Girls State is not confined to daughters or relatives of members of the American Legion Auxiliary or a veteran.
  4. Any girl whose religion does not permit her to pledge allegiance to the flag of our country or to participate in each day’s activities is not eligible to attend.
  5. The Girls State committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for citizenship in Girls State.
  6. For complete acceptance of a citizen the following is necessary:
  • Upon receipt in Department Headquarters of a completed Registration Form with Registration Fee, the Application Card will be sent to the Girls State Chairman.
  • Application Card must be correctly completed and returned to Department Headquarters.
  • Medical History and Waiver are to be received by Department Headquarters by May 1.
  • Travel Form is to be received by Department Headquarters by May 1. Arrival should be after 12 Noon and prior to 3 p.m. on Arrival Day. Departure will be between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Departure Day.
  • Each girl must present, upon her registration, a doctor’s certificate of physical fitness dated not earlier than 6 days before Arrival Day (or the Monday before Arrival Day).
If the above qualifications are not met, the reservation will be canceled without refund of fee. It is imperative that the citizen be present at all times during Girls State.  She must report on time and will not be excused for any reason unless illness necessitates that she go home. To qualify for certificate and pin, she must attend the entire session.
Girls are to be sponsored through the American Legion Auxiliary Units/Department-either by the Unit itself or by any interested organization in the community. All checks are to be sent by the local Auxiliary Unit. Under no circumstance shall a girl sponsor herself (pay the registration fee).
Each girl, shortly after her return home, is expected to appear before her sponsoring group and describe her experiences at Girls State. When making a report before a sponsoring group other than an American Legion Auxiliary Unit, the Unit President must accompany her.
A nurse and clinic facilities are available on the campus at all hours. Every care is taken to avoid illness, but Girls State is not responsible for either injuries or sickness. Some health and accident coverage is provided during the session of Girls State.
Miscellaneous Activities
In addition to the scheduled program described, there will be ample opportunity for girls to participate in miscellaneous activities. Among these are musical programs and entertainment nights. Bring any costume, instruments, music or materials necessary to perform if you wish to audition for the entertainment nights. There are no athletic activities except jogging or walking.
Transportation will be provided by the local unit, high school, or parents. Girls State does not provide transportation to and from the San Antonio Airport.