Girls State is hard to sum up in one word. It is an inspiring week of a lifetime!  -Morgan B, City F

Girls State gives girls courage. Girls State gives girls new friends. Girls State gives girls love for our country.     -Vanessa L

Girls State 2011 was and still is an amazing experience and journey. I have learned so much and can’t wait to use all the knowledge I acquired. Girls State Rocks.         -2011 citizen

Girls State has enhanced my horizons and brought me to realize that the highly unlikely is more than possible. I can make a noticeable difference in my city, my county, my state, my nation, and even OUR world.     -Christina F

The character and leadership exhibited by the citizens of this session is impressive. The great state of Texas is in good hands.    – Bridget Luna Trawhon, Staff, Gift Shop

Girls State has given me the chance to speak my mind in ways I’ve never done before. This was an experience I cannot and will not forget because of the things I’ve done, the friends I’ve made, and the memories and connections I will forever cherish.   -Sarah, City J

I can’t believe I can only go to Girls State one time! This week has been an amazing and exhilarating learning experience. Thank you to my sponsors, my fellow citizens, and to the American Legion Auxiliary for running such a meaningful program.   -Annie K

Girls State has been an experience of a lifetime. I’ve met the best girls all across Texas who now feel like sisters to me. I’m so grateful to all the people who helped give me this opportunity. Girls State is truly the best in the land.   -Nicole H

Girls State was one of the most amazing, eye opening experiences of my life thus far. Being surrounded by so many talented, beautiful people was a real treat and made me realize that our generation of women is capable of achieving anything!     -Tia W, National party member

I have been so privileged to have participated in this most amazing week. Not only was the atmosphere and environment so supportive to every citizen here but also truly life-enriching. Thank you Girls State—the best state in the land—for everything, for changing my life, and providing me with life-lasting friends.   -Young J, Goff County

The kindness and respect of the citizens has provided one of the best experiences of my life and some of the best friends I have ever made, and is matched only by the commitment and dedication of the program staff, who inspire each of us to become the strongest women we can be. Through Girls State, I have been inspired to become a more loyal friend, a stronger woman, and a prouder American.   -Sid, City J