Outstanding Citizens Selected

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(L. to R.) Randall, James, Bouis, Dixon, Lancaster, Sankaran, Greenfield, Willis, Spradley, Supak, Moore, Klemm, Price, and Ogbanufe

Fourteen citizens were chosen as “Outstanding Citizens of 2019” by their fellow Girls State citizens. They are Natane Randall (City A), Ashly James (City B), Kate Bouis (City C), Michaela Dixon (City D), Katelyn Lancaster (City E), Harsha Sankaran (City F), Lauren Greenfield (City G), Erika Willis (City H), Shayden Spradley (City I), Mikaylee Supak (City J), Lauren Moore (City K), Annabel Klemm (City L). Katelyn Price (City M) and Uzo Ogbanufe (City N).