If You Don’t Pack It You’ll Lack It: Tips for Girls State

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We’re thrilled to see all the girls’ excited faces on the first day of session this Sunday. To keep anxieties at bay, here are tips on what to pack for your vacation to the magical mystical 51st State!

Girls in the 2018 session get ready for the flag lowering ceremony after dinner.

Clothing should be suitable for hot, summer weather, chilly indoors:
-Shorts, pants, or skirts
-Summer dresses (nice and/or casual)
-Blouses (nice and/or casual; please note crop tops not permitted)
-Red and blue clothing
-Shower shoes
-Lightweight jacket or sweater
-Nice dresses, slacks, and shoes are appropriate for guest speakers, the trip to the Capitol, and other special activities (3-4 should be sufficient)
-The program involves lots of walking, so bring comfortable shoes!

-Pillow, blanket, linens for a single bed
-Sufficient towels and washcloths
-Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
-Notepad and pens or pencils
-Sunscreen and bug spray
-Quotation books or other materials for speech writing
-Talent show supplies (instruments, jump ropes, batons, etc)
-Contact lenses, glasses, or lens prescription in case of loss.

***DO NOT bring prepared campaign material.*** Prepared campaign material is pre-made posters, pins, signs, or other campaign materials that is not created at Girls State. Blank poster board, butcher paper, construction paper, or markers are acceptable. Also, bring string, tacks, or masking tape to hang signs. Campaign materials and essentials may also be purchased in the Girls State Gift Shop.

Get ready for the week of your lives!

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