Federal Party Sweeps Top State Spots

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On Thursday, June 20th, Federal Party candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General all notched victories after the statewide vote. Nioni Ledezma was elected 2019 Bluebonnet Girls State Governor. Juliana Johnson will serve as Lieutenant Governor while Michaela Dixon is the new Attorney General. Other winners were Ashly James (N), Comptroller of Public Accounts; Katie Duncan (N), Commissioner of General Land; Sara “Breezy” (N), Agricultural Commissioner; Nikhita Ragam (F), Railroad Commissioner; Lexie Barthelemess (N), Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals; Gurman Kalkat (F), Chief Justice, Supreme Court.

Winners will be inaugurated Friday, June 21st, in a ceremony at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

2018 State Officials Elected

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L. to R.: Cruz, Fleming, MacCrossan, Chavez, Martinez, De Leon, Nicholas, Johnson and Mahmalji

On Thursday, June 21st, Federal Party candidate Maisey Martinez was elected 2018 Bluebonnet Girls State Governor. Hannah Chavez was elected Lieutenant Governor. Citizens of Bluebonnet Girls State also elected Serenity De Leon, Attorney General; Helena MacCrossan, Comptroller of Public Accounts; Autumn Nicholas, Commissioner of General Land; Riley M. Johnson, Agricultural Commissioner; Jorie Fleming, Railroad Commissioner; Logan Giovanna Cruz, Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals; Emily Mahmalji, Chief Justice, Supreme Court.

All elected officials will be sworn in at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Citizens Elect State Officials 2016

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Left: Hess, Thodati, Bentley, Owolabi, Bribiesca, Shaw, Wang, Snapp, Yarto

On Thursday, June 16th, Federal Party candidate Emmy Bribiesca was elected 2016 Bluebonnet Girls State Governor. Madison Shaw was elected Lieutenant Governor. Other winners were Lois Owolabi, Attorney General; Qi Wang, Comptroller of Public Accounts; Lauren Bentley, Commissioner of General Land; Jacey Snapp, Agricultural Commissioner; Kendra Hess, Railroad Commissioner; Thanvi Thodati, Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals; Alison Yarto, Chief Justice, Supreme Court. Citizens also approved a constitutional amendment establishing annual legislative sessions.


Thanks to Judge Keasler, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

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The American Legion Auxiliary Bluebonnet Girls State Program thanks the Honorable Michael Keasler, Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for taking part in this year’s session. On Friday, June 20th, citizens traveled to Austin where Girls State senators and representatives convened their annual mock legislature in the State Capitol. Later, a joint session gathered to inaugurate newly elected state officials. The Honorable Michael Keasler, Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, addressed the citizens and administered the oath of office. Judge Keasler’s commitment to Girls State is greatly appreciated; he has participated in our joint session at the Capitol for the last several years.

A State is Born: State Officials Elected

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The National Party took the top spot as Andrea Guyton was elected Governor of the 2014 session of Bluebonnet Girls State Thursday, June 19th.  Officials will be sworn into office at the Capitol on Friday.

Other elected state officials are: Lieutenant Governor: Caitlin Fowler; Attorney General: Sonia Torres; Comptroller of Public Accounts: Amy Jarboe; Commissioner, General Land Office: Zaina Abbas; Commissioner of Agriculture: Mikhaila Barnett; Railroad Commissioner: Eliza Price; Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals: Jess Tippie; and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Elise Notzon.

State Officials Elected

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Raus, Fitzpatrick, Lewis, Stanley, Huerta, Davis, Mangiameli, Janke, Kasemsri
Raus, Fitzpatrick, Lewis, Stanley, Huerta, Davis, Mangiameli, Janke, Kasemsri

The Federal Party carried the state election by winning 5 out of 9 officials against the National Party. The Constitutional Amendment mandating annual sessions also passed this evening. Officials will be sworn into office tomorrow.

The State officials are:

Governor: Madison Huerta

Lieutenant Governor: Tala Raus

Attorney General: Jacq Kasemsri

Comptroller: Maya Fitzpatrick

Commissioner, General Land Office: Abigail Davis

Commissioner of Agriculture: Jordan Janke

Railroad Commissioner: Kayti Stanley

Judge- Court of Criminal Appeals: Chloe Lewis

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Dejanara Mangiameli